New platform and dog adoption

I recently moved my blog from Tumblr to Blogger. Not an easy feat since I lost the few comments that I have from there.

On the bright side, we've decided that we're going to adopt a dog! We've been looking at rescue shelters and one of the dogs that caught my eye was Henry. We were able to meet him at his foster home last weekend and he's adorable! We played fetch with him the whole time. We were told that he came from an abusive environment and was often ignored by his owner who surrendered him to the rescue. 

We decided we wanted to take care of Henry. The rescue scheduled a home visit this week and I'm kinda nervous, especially since we live in an apartment. Will that hurt our chances of getting Henry? I hope not. I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones interested in Henry. We'll see!

How do you prepare for a home visit anyway? It's kinda weird letting other people judge us if we're going to be good dog owners, but I guess they're just looking after the dogs. This is our first time to adopt a dog so we're not really familiar with the process. Wish us luck!

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2 Responses to New platform and dog adoption

  1. aww henry looks adorable. it's so nice to know he will be in good hands. :) i used to volunteer at a shelter, and i always felt so bad for all the animals who haven't found homes.

    also i'm curious. why did you choose to move over to blogger?

  2. Good luck with the dog adoption! He is just the cutest! :) I love animals and my flatmate has one as well, he is soooo adorable :) Even though I am more a cat person^^

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